September 2012
Davis Lake for trout
September 18, 2012
      I took my boat up to Davis Lake to check out some reports I had received from a few customers about some big Rainbows being caught in the Odell Creek end of the lake. I launched the boat and cruised around the lower end of the lake just looking for Bass and Trout for a couple of hours. I spotted a ton of small Bass and a few big ones, but no trout to speak of in the lower lake. I made my way to the Odell end of the lake and found a three boats and a couple of anglers in pontoon boats fishing the channel. I anchored off the side of the channel and rigged up a intermediate sink line with a callibaetis nymph on the end of a 5X leader. I made my first cast and started stripping as soon as my fly hit the water. On the second strip, my line jerked tight and a 24" Rainbow rocketed from the water and landed with a huge splash turning the heads of the other anglers on the lake. It was a beautiful fish, but came unbuttoned as I was reaching for my net. I moved a number of times searching different parts of the channel and hooked a couple more smaller fish. There were a few duns on the water as well as a few spinners, but I didn't have any luck fishing either one on a floating line. I had to cut my day short and get off the lake to head home for a barbecue with friends, But I can't wait to get back up there and try it again. It's been a while since I caught a nice trout on Davis and brought back some great memories of the days long ago when you could catch 10 to 15 trout over 5 pounds in a single day. Ahh...the good old days.
Patient Pete
Senyo's Intruder Wire & Crazy Leggs
September 10, 2012
Ok just kidding about the sale but we did get some sweet new materials in this week.
First up is Senyo's Intruder wire, think Toothy Critter but in steelhead colors. Toothy Critter has been our favorite for attaching the hook on stinger style flies but at a buck a foot its fairly expensive. The new stuff feels almost identical but is $5.50 for 3 yards and comes in some wicked colors.
We also have some new colors of Tipped Crazy Legs including black with blue tips, and blue with pink tips. Made hugely popular with Howell's Squidro series these look killer on everything from intruders to bass bugs. Steelhead season is upon us, get after it.