Gear Review
Daiichi 4647 Jig Hook
December 13, 2016
Daiichi 4647 Jig Hook

With the recent popularity of the Balanced Leech to Central Oregon, we thought we would add more to our selection of jig hooks. 60 degree bend, heavy wire, and stocked in sizes 10 - 16.

Daiichi 1110 Hooks
December 13, 2016
Daiichi 1110 Hooks (oversized eye)

Are size #20 & #24 flies hard for you to tie on your tippet? Fear no more, this oversized ring eye dry fly hook solves the painstaking task of tying on your small flies. Stocked in sizes #16 - #24

Senyo Lazer Dub
December 9, 2016
Senyo Lazer Dub

This product is great for making Sculpin or Baitfish style heads. No more messing with wool heads or spinning deer hair to make great streamer heads. It has just enough subtle flash to add a little attraction to your fly without going too extreme. This dub has many other applications and we stock 14 colors.
Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers
December 9, 2016
Enrico Puglisi EP Fibers

EP Fibers are an awesome baitfish marterial that sheds water fast for easy casting, and mixes great with flash! It also works great for Crab patterns for your salty adventures. An easy material to tie with and we stock it in 17 colors.


Pro Tube System
December 9, 2016
Pro Tube System - Tube Flies

     In our opinion, the best tube fly system on the market. Streamline attachments, multiple tube options, and great bright colors! Easy to rig up and change hooks as necessary. We also recently expanded our selection.

Top Fly Line Review for 2014
April 23, 2014
With everybody gearing up for the upcoming season, I spend a lot of time in the shop discussing line choices with customers. As with most products in the industry, there's new stuff coming out all the time. So I though I would write a little review of some line choices for this season.
    The Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured GPX is one of my first choices for a floating line. It's basically the same high quality GPX line that has been in the SA lineup for years, but with a new texture technology applied to the surface of the line. Instead of small protrusions sticking out of the surface of the old Sharkskin lines (which is pretty abrasive on the the stripping fingers) to reduce drag, the new line has dimples in it like a golf ball which accomplishes the same thing without the abrasion. The Textured GPX is oversized so it works well on medium-fast to fast action rods and is a great all around multi use line. It does make a little noise when you cast it, but the performance and the shoot-ability of this line soon makes you forget about the sound of it.
    Rio's Out Bound Short has quickly become my streamer line of choice as it is available in different sink rates, shoots like crazy and turns over monster flies if needed. The Out Bound Short is designed with an aggressive 30ft compound weight forward shooting head with a very small diameter running line. It comes in a floating, floating w/ Intermediate sink tip, intermediate w/ type 3 sink tip and intermediate w/ type 6 sink tip. The intermediate w/ type 6 sink tip version is   my choice for throwing big steamers for Browns, Bulls and Rainbows in rivers and lakes. It's also a productive line for throwing streamers to inshore and offshore saltwater gamefish or searching blue holes and deep channels on the flats.
    Scientific Anglers Stillwater Intermediate full sink line is still the first lake line you should buy. The Stillwater is clear line that has a mono core and sinks at 1.9 inches per second which sufficiently covers the top ten feet of water where we find the most bug activity in a lake. This line casts well for stripping flies and is a favorite among wind drifters on lakes.
    Rio's Grand floating fly line is an oversized line that matches to most medium-fast to fast action fly rods. This is a great all around fly line with a two tone color scheme. The rear running line section is a tan color and the head portion of the line is green for easily distinguishing between the head and the running line. The Grand features Rio's Agent X coating for slick shooting, high floatation and easy pickup off the water.
    Rio's Grip Shooter is a spey running or shooting line, not a fly line, but deserves a mention as what I think is one of the best new products anyone has come up with since the invention of the weight forward fly line. Mono shooting lines have been around for a while and provide unparalleled shooting performance, but with the drawback of being hard to hold on to while casting during cold wet weather conditions or with gloves on. The grip shooter is similar to Rio's Slick Shooter mono running line, but with a built in handling section that tapers up to a regular diameter running line where you hold it to cast & shoot line. The Grip Shooter excels with both Skagit and Scandi style heads and can be used for winter or summer fishing. If you are currently running a standard fly line style shooting line or any other mono shooting line, I would recommend giving the Grip Shooter a try. It's a game changer! 
    If you have any questions about these lines or any other fly lines on the market, just give us a call at the shop. (541) 389-6208

New Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots
April 17, 2013

The New 2013 Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots. These comfortable felt soled wading boots are extremely light and flexible while providing stability, durability and foot protection. They have a vastly improved lace system and are available in sizes 5 - 14.

The Patient Angler
Korkers Studded Rubber iterchangeable outsole
February 19, 2013

With the growing popularity of Korkers Wading Boots and their interchangeable outsoles system, I thought I would highlight the Studded Rubber Soles that I like to use for my winter traction needs. These rubber soles have 14 - 3/8-inch durable carbide studs that give you the ultimate traction in snow, ice, mud and wet grass banks when walking along your favorite river, yet still providing excellent traction in the water. The rubber soles don’t collect snow like wet felt and they help prevent the spread of invasive species. The carbide spikes are threaded for easy replacement if lost or damaged. The soles cost $39.99 and I have the most common sizes in stock.

If your tired of slipping in the mud, having trouble getting traction while climbing up a river bank or banging snow off your felt soles every ten steps, this is the answer to you problems.


Peter Bowers