March 15, 2012
Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots #3

            Patagonia Rock Grip Aluminum Bar Wading Boot  (part 3)


I put a few more miles on the new Rock Grip Aluminum Bar wading boots during my recent trip down to the North Umpqua River.  The North Umpqua is one of the trickiest places to wade in the entire Northwest, so I was eager to see how they would work in those conditions. Well, they worked just fine! I was impressed with the overall traction, especially when I was forced by the higher water to wade a little deeper in some places. I even felt that the aluminum bars dug into the softer soil and pine needles while climbing up & down the banks, better than a standard studded felt sole.

The synthetic outer of the boot seems to be holding up very well so far. After 14+ days on the water, there is no obvious damage showing on the outer boot.

Since I’m a heel & toe dragger when I walk, I still not sure about the longevity of the aluminum bars, but time will tell. I keep you up to date on their performance as I put more days on them.

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