March 15, 2013
Fishing the Deschutes near Lava Island Falls
     I fished the Deschutes River in the Dillon Falls / Lava Island area again the other day. It was a nice sunny day and I was looking forward to spending the afternoon on the river. As I walked up the river trail that runs along the river, I came to a spot where there was shallow area in the river where I could see the bottom. I movement caught my eye and I stood there and watched a Brown Trout that had to go 4 or 5 pounds chase a little fish all over the place. Back & forth and around in circles they went for about 15 seconds before the little fish escaped and the big Brown disappeared into the deep. Very cool! I started to scramble to put my rod together and get a streamer in the water, but just as I was tying my fly on, a dog came running down the path and jumped into the water for a swim. Bummer!
     I fished streamers in a few spots without any luck, so I changed tactics and started nymphing the riffles and started to pick up fish. I caught a couple of Rainbows and a bunch of White fish in the next few hours. Nothing big, but it was nice to have some action on such a nice day.

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