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Crooked River - December 8th, 2010
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 36 ° F 
  • Fishing: Great
  It’s been a while since I last fished the Crooked River, but after hearing some good reports, Thu and I decided to give it a try. We made the short drive from Bend, through Alfalfa and down into the Crooked River canyon on Monday morning to find fresh snow on the ground and very little angling pressure. It was cold in the morning, but the weather was clearing and it turned out to be a beautiful day to be on the river. The water was clear, but the flows had just bumped up a bit too around 118cfs the day before.

  The fishing reports have been good for the Crooked lately because of the Whitefish that are found spawning in the shallow riffles this time of year. When this happens, small egg patterns become the fly of choice when nymphing the Crooked. It’s not that often that you get a predominant food source available in the water column that you can so easily take advantage of to catch fish. So we did as the Romans did and tied on our egg patterns and started fishing the water below the riffles in search of hungry fish. It didn’t take long to find them, with my first fish on in the first couple of casts. It was a small but feisty Rainbow that took my small egg, and I was happy to realize the potential for the day ahead. We fished a number of different spots though out the day, some more productive than others, but we seem to find willing fish where ever we stopped. I did manage to catch a few fish on something other than an egg pattern, mostly small dark baetis patterns like the Anato-May olive. We caught fish on egg patterns that were pale yellow, red and peach in color, but the egg that worked best for us was a small orange egg pattern that we tie up for the shop.  While dead drifting our nymphs/eggs we caught a 50/50 ratio of Whitefish to Rainbows, but if you let your flies swing to the bank after the dead drift and a fish hit your fly, it was always a rainbow. Thu landed the biggest Rainbow of the day that was a nice fish of around 13 inches that took her egg pattern. I hooked one really nice Rainbow that looked to be 14 or 15 inches just before we left, but failed to land it as it came off during the fight. Time passed quickly and as the sun got lower in the sky and the temperature in the canyon started to drop, it was time to head home and warm up after a fun day on the Crooked River.

The Patient Angler 

Peter Bowers
Crooked River - December 19th, 2009
  • Recorded:
  • Scattered showers
  • 40 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
Hey everyone,

Well, I’ve had the opportunity to go fishing a couple of times in the last week.  I went out to the Crooked River about 5 days ago when it was overcast and a little drizzly and had a great time out there.  I wasn’t able to get away until noon, but that’s perfect timing for the Crooked.  When I got there, I rig up my rod with a nymphing set up and hit the first hole.  I landed typical size rainbow for the Crooked with an egg pattern right off the bat.  As I worked this hole a little longer, I noticed some rising fish down below me.  I immediately switch to a BWO and dropper, because you never know how long a hatch will last.  I continued to fish dries the rest of the day and landed around 12-15 trout.  If it stays cloudy and around 40 to 50 degrees, the dry fly fishing should stay productive.  So, grab your 3wt and get out there.

Jay Boucher
Crooked River - August 9th, 2009
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 77 ° F 
  • Fishing: Great
 This report is is for the Ochoco area outside of Prineville Or.


The Ochoco’s


“Crick” fishing!  I am borrowing a term from Pat McManus here, but it is very appropriate in this case.  Jay, his wife Cathy, our good friend Ann, and I took a rare Sunday off together to explore a part of Central Oregon that none of us have seen before.  With a state atlas in hand, we left Prineville and headed into the Ochoco wilderness.  What an unbelievably beautiful place.  Big ponderosa’s, huge meadows, and plentiful wildlife made for something new to see around every bend in the road.  There are several drainages and creeks that we had earmarked to explore, but almost all were dry or just a trickle of water.  We finally found a “crick” that was 20 feet across at it’s widest, but held plenty of scrappy, wild rainbows.  Growing up in the south Willamette Valley, this is the type of water I learned to fish on.  Small water, small fish, but a great way to spend a hot, lazy, summer afternoon where we didn’t have a care in the world.  Talk about taking me back 25 years!  This is 3wt water at most.  No more than 5x tippet is needed.  While the fish aren’t big, they aren’t push-overs either.  Size 20 Adams, size 20 x-caddis, and ant patterns were on the menu today.  And the bonus… it was at least 15 degrees cooler in the mountains than it was in Bend.  If you have a day, and want to visit a very special place that seems to get very few visitors, I couldn’t recommend this day trip more.  This “crick” fishing was just what I needed to recharge my batteries for the week to come.


Reed Teuscher

The Patient Angler
Crooked River - April 1st, 2009
  • Recorded:
  • Partly cloudy
  • 48 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
Hey now everyone,


I had to take care of some things out in Redmond on Monday: tax stuff, return some books on tape, grab a burrito at my favorite Mex place La Taqueria.  After that, I decided to take the long way home and run up the Crooked.  It was around 1:30pm when I made my first cast.  I started nymphing with a copper john I tied with a hare’s ear for a dropper.  I caught a couple of whities right off the bat.  At around 2pm or just after, the BWO’s started poppin like crazy.  It was perfect conditions with temps around 45-50 and high clouds.  I switched over to a BWO dry with an emerger as my dropper.  The trout were rising like mad just below the riffle I was fishing.  It was great.  I hooked and landed four trout.  The only reason I didn’t land more was the fact that the darn sun came out and ruined everything.  As soon as the sun hit the water, the BWO’s disappeared and the fish followed suit.  I tried nymphing again, but my heart just wasn’t in it.  I packed up and drove home.  It’s much more fun to catch fish rising. 


The Crooked is at a great level running around 160cfs.  That’s twice the size it was a week ago.  The fish seem to enjoy having a little more breathing room in which to swim around. 


Have fun out there,

Crooked River - February 17th, 2009
  • Recorded:
  • Cloudy
  • 38 ° F 
  • Fishing: Fair
Well it has been a while since I posted a report here on the website.  One of the reasons for that is do to the unpacking from the move Cathy and I just made.  Now that we are settled and moved in, we were able to go do a little fishing.  Cat and I went over to fish the Crooked on Valentine’s Day for a couple of hours.  We got there about 2 in the afternoon.  The sun was out and it was actually a very pleasant start.  By the time I was half way through fishing the first spot, it started hailing, so much for the good weather.  I turned around to find Cat heading back for the truck.  She brought a good book for back up.  She’s definitely the smarter one.  I continued to fish through the hail, snow and frigid conditions.  Long story short, I landed 6 beautiful healthy well-fed whites.  So it was a good day for me. 


With the warming weather, it should be a great week to hit the Crooked….for trout hopefully.  The Fall and the Met will also be good bets this week, so come on in and get the flies you need and go fish.


See you in the shop,

Crooked River - February 17th, 2008
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny
  • 53 ° F 
  • Fishing: Fair
  I haven’t been fishing lately, with end of year inventory and tax preparation keeping me busy, and it’s been killing me. The nice weather this weekend was simply too much for me, so I took the opportunity to grab a rod and a hand full of streamers and headed out to the Crooked River with a friend of mine to enjoy an afternoon of our spring like weather. With a trip to Mexico coming up at the end of the month, we decided to cast streamers and work on our cast and retrieve techniques that we would soon be using to catch saltwater game fish in the warm waters of Mexico.

  As we drove across the Bowman Dam, I could see that we weren’t the only anglers suffering from cabin fever and looking to scratch that fishing itch. The angling pressure was pretty heavy in the upper section with anglers spread out along most of the upper campgrounds and pull-offs. So we headed down river to fish some of the lower waters around Castle Rock campground. We worked our streamers through a number of pockets and pools working our way back up the river. The measure of the day was not in the number of fish we caught, but in the beautiful day itself and the solitude the lower river provided us. We did manage to hook a few fish, and the fly of the day was the Ruby Eyed Leech, which has a small double cone head to help get it down and give it great action when stripped.

  We did see a few rises and a few Midges flying around, but nothing I would call a hatch. The few fish we did see rise, were little guys along the edges. Sometimes it’s more fun to go with a bigger, meat & potatoes fly and try to coax a bigger fish from the safety of the underwater structure where he lives. You might not catch as many fish, but they will usually be good fish. Look for subsurface structure, seams, drop-offs, pockets, pools and around large boulders to cover with your streamer.


Peter Bowers

The Patient Angler


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