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Lake in the Dunes - private - May 16th, 2011
  • Recorded:
  • Sunny, with rain
  • 59 ° F 
  • Fishing: Great
  We just held our annual fly-fishing school at Lake in The Dunes this past weekend. It’s great fun to teach someone to fly fish and even more rewarding when they master the skills enough to catch their first fish on their own. The weather was pretty good throughout the weekend with just a sprinkle of rain on Friday. The wind was a little bit of a problem as it would come up in the afternoon making casting more challenging, especially for the beginners just learning to cast for the first time.

Everybody met the challenge and improved their casting throughout the day and caught fish.  Most of our success was on Chironomidaes, Callibaetis nymphs, Callibaetis emergers and Callibaetis dries.  The Chironomidaes and Callibaetis nymphs were fished subsurface with slow small strip retrieves. The Callibaetis emergers were fished on top with a short quick strip and the Callibaetis Dry was fished, as dries should be, on top with very little movement.

   Dave & Marilyn, who were attending the L.O.D. fly fishing school for the second time, took home the honors for the most fish caught. They had a little advantage because they had been there before and mostly because they already had the casting down, and good casting skills will get you more fish than anything else you ever learn about fly-fishing. The best part was that this was like a second honeymoon for Dave & Marilyn, the first time they met was during the first fly-fishing school they attended four years ago. I can’t say which one of them caught the biggest fish because they are both a little competitive, and I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble between them. 

  Tim & Sharon enjoyed the day on the water. Tim had fished before and did pretty well catching fish throughout the day, but caught a big boy at the end of the day that took a Bloody Mary (the fly, not the drink). It was Sharon’s first time fly-fishing and after braking off the first four big fish she hooked, she figured out how to play them and landed the next couple of fish she hooked.

   Russ and Kenny also attended, Russ already having some experience and wanting to get his young son Kenny started in a productive environment. With some casting skills already in place, Russ caught fish all day with his biggest fish coming after lunch. After working with Kenny on casting techniques for a few minutes, he picked it right up and started making some good casts on his own. Moments later, Kenny made a cast and his Callibaetis emerger hit the water a little short, being the perfectionist he is, he was just about to pick up his line and cast again when a big healthy Rainbow slurped in his fly and took off running. With a little coaching from his dad, Kenny soon landed the first fish that he had caught all on his own.  It was great watching Russ and Kenny fish together, making casts and netting fish for each other. I know it was Mother’s Day weekend, but it looked like Fathers Day to me.

   Thu and I did get to fish a little in the evenings after everyone had left. We caught some nice fish, but had to battle the wind that seamed to reach its peak just before dark. We would just put our back to the wind and let it fly. It’s amazing the distance you can cast with a 20mph wind at your back. You become a super caster, right up to the cast that sticks you in the back of the head.

  It was a great weekend; everyone had a lot of fun, learned about fishing lakes and improved the skills needed to be successful out on the water.


The Patient Angler

Peter Bowers 


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