Recommended Products

There are so many products available to anglers today that it’s difficult for them to decide what the best value is for their money. We like to do all the legwork & research for you and keep it simple for our customers by providing the best quality products available in three different price ranges. A sort of Good, Better & Best ranking based on our experience of 35 years in the business, making sure that you get the best bang for your buck.

Single Hand Rods


Echo Lift – The best "get started" rod on the planet that you won’t outgrow, you might upgrade someday and then have the best backup rod on the planet. 

3wt – 8wt  

$109.99 - $114.99


Sage Foundation – A better choice with a Graphite IIIe high performance fast action blank for excellent casting power and effortless control. 

4wt – 8wt 



Sage R8 Core – Made with the newest technology in graphite, the R8 is one of the lightest, most accurate rods around.  Aerospace composite used in the blank makes for feel, control, and efficiency, resulting in a history making rod that doesn't just cast- it fishes. 

3wt – 9wt 


For the Small Fry

Echo Gecko – The best starter rod for getting the kids into the sport! The Gecko is easy to manage, with a shorter blank and a small butt section grip for two handed casting. 

4wt – 5wt 


Spey/Switch Rods


Redington Dually – A good choice for someone that wants to get started casting a switch or spey rod without spending too much money.                             

Switch 4wt – 8wt 
Spey 6wt – 8wt 



Redington Claymore – The best bang for the buck in the Switch & Spey world offering a super smooth fast action rod with a polymer pinch grip sections on top & bottom handles for shooting line control. 

Both Switch & Spey 6wt – 8wt  



Sage Sonic – Again, the best fast action Switch & Spey rods around. The KonneticHDTechnology is what sets these rods apart, creating more powerful and stable loops. It’s effortless to cast long smooth tight loops all day long.

Switch 5wt – 8wt  


Spey 5wt – 10wt  




Echo Base – Great reel for someone just getting started or an advanced angler looking for cost effective get the job done reel with affordable spools.      

3 models 3wt – 8wt 



Lamson Liquid – High quality American made mid priced reel with the same smooth conical drag system found in all their high-end reels. 

3wt – 10wt  

$139.99 - $159.99


Lamson Speedster S – Ultra large arbor machined aluminum reel with huge line pick up as well as an ultra smooth drag system, delivering top of the line performance without a top of the line price. 

3wt – 10wt 

$389.99 -$479.98



Redington Escape (Men's and Women's) – Good choice for a get started wader with a 3-layer upper construction, 4-layer reinforced lower legs, large chest pocket with YKK zipper, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets,  gravel guards & wading belt. 

S – XXL 



Men- Redington Sonic Pro – Upgraded 4-layer construction and Sonicweld seams (welded with sound waves to eliminate stitching) creating durability and uncompromising performance.  Flip-out tech pocket, hand warmer pockets and gravel guards round out this mid priced wader. 

S – XXL 


Women- Simms Freestone – The Women's Freestone features 4-layer Toray® QuadraLam™ technology for better durability and insulation.  The outer pocket is fleece lined, and has a zip-top second pocket for secure storage.  The Freestone was also designed by Simms' female fishing guides and ambassadors to ensure the best fit and mobility.

S – XL



Men- SIMMS G3 – Simply the best & most popular wader in the industry! 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell upper, 4-layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell seat & legs for durability with a DWR finish. Hand warmer pockets, front pocket, flip-out tech pocket and gravel guards are just some of the features that make this wader the one you will want to wear. 

All sizes S – XXL  


Custom sizes available through 4XL $+

Women- Redington Sonic Pro – The Women's Sonic Pro incororpates Redington's 4 layer breathable material and SonicWeld technology into a fit designed specifically for female anglers. Features include a mesh back panel, outer handwarmer and zipper pockets, and an interior storage sleeve. The durability and comfort on these waders are unmatched, and are a top choice for women in the industry.  

All sizes S – XL 


Wading Boots


Korkers Buckskin – Not the least expensive boot in Korkers line-up, but we feel it’s the most durable lace-up boot for the money. Interchangeable sole system.

Sizes 5 – 15  



Korkers Darkhorse – The workhorse of the Korkers line-up with the Boa M2 lace system, interchangeable sole system, and built for durability. 

M’s Size 5 – 15   W’s Size 5 – 11  


Korkers Devil’s Canyon – This incredibly light and flexible boot has an athletic comfort feel. It has the interchangeable sole system, Boa M2 lace system, internal drainage system and a neoprene upper calf for a glove like feel.

Sizes 7 – 15  



Korkers River Ops  Korkers' ultimate wading footwear for durability, comfort, and support. This tactical inspired boot features a unique Ankle Wrap support system and Exo-Tec™ technology that          leaves no stiching exposed to wear, all in addition to the popular Boa laces and interchangeable soles. 

Sizes 8– 15  


Women's Boots

Korkers Women's Darkhorse  All of the features in the original Darkhorse, designed to best fit a women's foot. Interchangeable soles, the Boa lace system, and durable Protected Stitching are all still included on this popular boot. 

Sizes 8– 15