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     Welcome to the Patient Angler Fly Shop. The locals favorite for fly fishing Information, Instruction, Flies & Gear, Fly Tying Materials & Tools, Guided Trips and Adventure Travel.  The Patient Angler has provided quality products and services in Bend, Oregon since 1984, with a professional full time staff that is well versed in all aspects of fresh and saltwater fly fishing.

      We are blessed to live in central Oregon surrounded by some of the best fishing in the country. Great rivers like the Deschutes River, Crooked River, John Day River, North Umpqua River and the McKenzie River producing Bass, Trout, Steelhead and Salmon for fly anglers. Then we have the beautiful High Cascade Lakes available just outside our back door. Lava Lake, Little Lava Lake, Hosmer Lake, East Lake, Paulina Lake, Crane Prairie Reservoir, North/South Twin Lakes, Wickiup Reservoir & Davis Lake all providing great trout fishing throughout the season.
     Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Bull Trout, Whitefish, Kokanee, Atlantic Salmon, Large & Small Mouth Bass, Steelhead and Salmon are all availible to our Central Oregon Anglers.

     Stop by our well stocked shop and let us redefine fly shop customer service for you.

  The Winter season is here, but fishing still goes on! Fish got to eat every day! So don't hang up your rod yet.
     The Crooked River
has fished very well this year and will fish well all winter. Fish small PT's, Two-Bit Hookers, Zebra Midges & Serendipities for your nymphs and look for dry BWO's & Midges.

     The Fall River has made a comback with good reports from anglers finding fish and some good hatches.  BWO's will still be the hatch to look for when raining or overcast throughout the winter. Midges will be the othe constant go to flies, both on top and subsurface. When there's no hatch to match, try a attractor pattern on top like a Lady Di or hit spotted fish with a weighted streamer pattern like a Sculpzilla subsurface. Don't forget to try a Kokanne Candy, It's been the Not Match The Hatch Fly!

     The Metolius
River The trick to nymphing here is to use tungsten weighted bugs so your're in the zone. Our CZ Caddis, WMD Golden Stone & the Two Bit Hooker are great flies to try. Streamer fishing for Bull Trout can be fun anytime if you're looking for a big dawg! Sink-tips and streamer lines used with big baitfish patterns can turn those big heads. The Bull fishing has been really, really GOOD the last couple of months.

     The Deschutes River
Is now closed from Little Lava Lake down to Benham Falls. Benham Falls downsream to Lake Billy is open and will fish well with streamers & nymphs all winter. There's lots of good water to fish in and close to town for that quick winter fishing fix. The flies and techniques will change based on where you fish, so come by the shop and we'll set you up. Look for dries (BWO's) on your warmer overcast days.
The Steelhead season is in full swing and there's not a ton of fish in the river, but enough to surprise the anglers that are looking. There have been fish caught in all sections of the Lower D, so get out there!

Give us a call at the shop for todays fishing forecast.                     (541) 389-6208

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We've got some new gear in stock. 

Modern Steelhead Flies - Great new book for all you steelhead tying nuts, by Rob Russell & Jay Nicholas $39.95

SAGE X Single hand & Spey Rods, fast action, Konnetic HD Technology $899.00

SAGE Foundation Rod, 4wt - 8wt fast action, graphite IIIe $325.00
Echo Base Rod Kit, a great starter kit complete with a 5wt 9' 4pc rod, Base Reel, Line, Leader, Backing and Rod & Reel Case, all for $169.00.

Pro Tube Fly Tying System, very cool system for tying steelhead & saltwater tube flies.

Come in and check them out!

Had a great trip to the Bahamas, check our our Blog page for the report. New pictures posted to "Saltwater Flats" on our Photo page.

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