Senyo's Fusion Dub
December 17, 2015

-  Senyo Fusion Dub

-  A sexy fusion of just the right amount of flash and synthetic fibers, perfect for your Steelhead or flashy Trout flies. Great colors like Eat A Peach, Muppet, Pink Lady, Midnight and more.

Fluorescent Goose Biots
December 17, 2015

-  Fluorescent Goose Biots

Whether you are tying bright colored Steelhead and Salmon flies, or trying to make a trout fly with some brilliance to it, these florescent Goose Biots are a great addition to your flies. As wings on your Steelhead nymph patterns these will catch the attention of the fish from afar. Wrap them as a body on you trout flies and create a new and great attractor dry, or just use the tips on your Psycho Prince Nymphs to make them real crazy! Available at the shop in three great colors; Fl. Blue, Fl. Chartreuse and Fl. Pink.
Tying EP Senyo's Chromatic Brushes
December 16, 2015

-  EP Senyo Chromatic Brushes

-  These brushes come at 3” and 1.5” wide in all of your necessary Steelhead, Trout and Salmon colors. A mixture of Marble Fox , Finn Raccoon, EP Slinky Fibers and EP Sparkle to make your intruder tying a breeze. Use the 1.5” brush as the rear of your intruder and the 3” for the front and save yourself the time of spinning troublesome dubbing loops!

Veevus 10/0 Thread
December 16, 2015

-  Veevus 10/0 Thread

-  Yeah, 10/0 is small, but this stuff is strong! Veevus put out a line of thread from 6/0 - 16/0 and it is amazing thread. The smaller sizes like the 10/0 that we carry is just as, if not more, durable than a 6/0 thread from other thread makers. It is a must use product for all of your fly tying.

OPST Intruder Shanks
December 16, 2015

-  OPST Intruder Shanks

-  Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics (OPST) has created a great line of shanks to tie all of your articulated Steelhead, Salmon, Trout or any other predatory fish flies. Easy to use and at a great price! In stock at 51mm and 32mm sizes.

Fishpond Sushi Roll
December 16, 2015

Fishpond Sushi Roll
     A new roll-up fly storage system for large streamers and saltwater flies.
     Ultra tough exterior fabric
     Foam spacers to prevent flies from being crushed and to allow ventalation
     Small 10.5" X 7.25"
     Large 10" X 16"
     X Large 15" X16"
Hot Fishing At Crane Prairie
June 26, 2015

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sneak away from work and do a little fishing at Crane Prairie Reservoir. We woke up early and headed out to the lake around 5:30am so we were on the water fishing by 7:00, and the fishing was good! We launched at Quinn River and made our way out into the channels and started indicator fishing. On my first cast as I was watching my indicator, I decided I'd rather set up my Scientific Angler intermediate line on my other rod and strip some buggers. Right when I turned my head my indicator went down and it was fish on! The fish jumped two or three times before coming unbuttoned at the boat before we could net it. After that I decided to stick out the indicator fishing a bit longer. 

My fishing partner and I traded off catching back to back fish for the next four or so hours. I was fishing two chironomids below a slip strike indicator while he fished a three fly rig, which were also chironomids with a callibaetis nymph trailing behind. The color of the day just happened to be a black and red chironomid for me. 

The quality of fish, as expected at Crane, was great. We boated somewhere around 20 fish, some that tried to jump in and save us the time of netting them. A few of the larger fish took off on some great runs taking us close to the backing two or more times! One fish in particular took off on three long runs, jumped five or more times, and all around made me work real hard to keep him on and get him to the boat. 

For the last hour or so I decided I would try to hook some fish stripping buggers deep in the channels to see what I could find. The fishing was must slower using that technique, only bringing three fish to the boat, but the takes were much more aggressive and the fish seemed to be super hot! Damsel flies were out and about, but the fish were not eating the nymphs as I had expected, although that should be getting good soon. 

By about 11:00 or so the fishing started to slow down drastically and we got ready to get off the water. The weather was just perfect with temperatures never getting over 90 degrees before we got off the water. We motored around for a little longer looking for rising fish, but were disappointed quickly. We got off the water by 11:30 and were home to have lunch by 12:30.

All in all, a great day on the water, and super grateful to live so close to such amazing fishing opportunity. 



Fishing Big Bugs in Town
May 6, 2015

Went to the Tumalo area on the Deschutes the other day in search of some Salmonfly opportunities. It was such a beautiful day and I thought it would be great to catch an evening fish session after work. The water was on the low side, but that didn’t seem to affect the fishing at all. Before the sun got off the water the fishing was on the slow side with only a few fish being caught on the adult Salmonflies. There were Salmonfly husks all over the riverbank and bushes, as well as a few adults flying around, so we knew the fishing had to pick up eventually.

As the evening drew on the fishing started to pick up and we were able to tease a few fish into eating our big dries. I was surprised at how shallow some of the water was that was holding quality fish. As long as there was good overhanging structure, a place where Salmonflies could fall out of the trees, there were fish waiting. We caught about a dozen fish within a few hours, all about average size for that area.

Casting those big Salmonfly dry patterns can kind of be a pain, especially when it is windy, but I was able to lessen that with a 3X 7.5ft leader. I found that the shorter leader did not affect the fish and it made casting big flies through the wind a heck of a lot easier. To the leader I attached a few feet of 4X fluorocarbon tippet and it was game on.

Before we left for home, I found a nice bank of overhanging trees and thought I had to cast a fly under them. The water was only half a foot deep, so I didn’t expect anything large, but to my surprise I caught my best fish of the day! This nice brown hit my fly hard and took off running, and I finally got to hear my new Hardy Ultralight DD reel sing. After landing this fish, we took a quick picture and released it to live another day.



Barred Rhea
April 14, 2015
We've brought in Barred Rhea for all you Steelhead fly tiers. Very cool material for Spey & Intruder style fly patterns in five bright color combinations.
Fl. Chartreuse / Hot Purple
Fl. Steelhead Orange / White
Fl. Steelhead Orange / Steelhead Pink
Fl. Hot Pink / Hot Purple
Fl. Blue / Hot Purple

Can be split and hacked or spun in a dubbing loop. Very cool stuff for your tying pleasure.