March 1, 2012
Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots #2

            I have received a number of comments and questions about our past Blog about the new Patagonia Rock Grip Wading Boots, so here’s a little more information to answer some of your questions.

            The most common question is about how long the aluminum bars will last before needing replacement. First you have to realize that the wear will be determined by individual conditions and use. That being said, the aluminum bars are 3/8 inch thick when new and tend to round off quickly during the first couple of days of use, giving the impression of premature wear. I have noticed that the more I wear them, the slower the obvious wear. Patagonia estimates the bars to last an average 100 days on the water. I’m not sure if I will see 100 days or not, but the system is designed for easy replacement and at a cost that is comparable to industry standards.  I believe the price is $34.95 for a set of replacement bars.

            The other item that customers have been asking about, is whether products like the AlumiBite Cleat from SIMMS are interchangeable with the Patagonia’s Aluminum Bars. The answer is no. The Patagonia Aluminum Bars are held in place with bolts that screw into threaded nuts that are recessed in the bottom of the Rock Grip boot. The SIMMS AlumiBite Cleats are attached to the bottom of the boot with a sheet metal type screw. The Rock Grip boot has two bars on the back and four bars on the front, but just bare rubber on the arch. I might suggest screwing a couple studs or cleats into the arch of the Rock Grip boot for added traction when stepping on wet logs and such with the arch of your foot.  

            I’ll keep you updated with anything of interest as we a get a few more days on them.


The Patient Angler

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