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Little Lava Lake - May 9th, 2008
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 65 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
  Lake In The Dunes Fly Fishing Schools

  Just completed the first four days of our Lake In The Dunes Fly Fishing Schools. We had a great time and had some pretty good weather for our new to the sport participants and soon to be fly fishing addicts.

   Because of the late spring, and still cool temperatures the Callibaetis hatches that are usually in full swing by now, were not yet happening. So we primarily fished Chironomids and generic bead head nymph patterns on a floating line with a 10ft 4X leader. We worked on casting, presentation, knots and leaders, learning different retrieves associated with different fly patters, how to hook and play fish, and how to land and release them. All of our students caught fish during their days on the water, but there were a lot more fish hooked than landed. Hooking fish on the fly is the easy part, fighting and landing them (especially the big ones) is the hard part. But during the day, through trial and error, everyone improved his or her skills with a fly rod and became more productive on the water. The biggest fish landed during our school dates was a 25”, 4 to 5 lb Rainbow caught on a bead head Chironomid pattern. There were a number of bigger fish hooked, but because of their size and strength they either broke the leaders or earned an L.D.R.(Long Distance Release).

   The schools at Lake In The Dunes are a great opportunity to learn how to fly fish in a very productive and controlled environment. There are still a few spots open for our June dates for our School Of Fly Fishing (June 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd), so if you know someone that would like to learn to fly fish, have them contact the shop to sign up.


The Patient Angler      

Peter Bowers
Little Lava Lake - April 18th, 2008
  • Recorded:
  • Mostly sunny
  • 66 ° F 
  • Fishing: Good
  Lake In The Dunes

  We have some Fly Fishing Schools coming up on the first 4 days of May, taking place on our private water fishery, Lake In The Dunes. So my girlfriend and I decided to run down to get a little fishing in and check out the lakes. Given the weather conditions lately, we lucked out and had a nice warm sunny day to spend casting to the big trout that call Lake In The Dunes their home. We had some great fishing slow stripping chironomids on a floating line, and we even had a double hook-up at one point. We landed a number of big fish that day, but my better half out fished me and landed a trout that went 7 or 8 pounds on a #18 BH Black Serindipity. There were a few fish rising to adult midges that were buzzing the water and I switched to fish dry for a while with only one strike from a smaller fish. I’m sure the dry action will pick up as the weather and water warms up a bit. I switched back to nymphs and continued to catch fish all afternoon. We moved around a lot and found fish spread out throughout the lakes.

  We still have a few spots open for our May dates of our fly fishing schools, so if you know anyone that wants to learn to flyfish or just improve their skills, have them contact us at the shop for sign ups.


The Patient Angler

Peter Bowers              (541)389-6208

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