Happy Holidays! Below is a list of our favorite stocking stuffer products here at the shop. There's still time to grab a few gifts for your favorite angler, so swing by the shop for any questions or recommendations!

  • Fly boxes- It’s not often that the box is part of the gift, but that’s certainly the case here! Whether for on the water use vs. storage, large vs. small, or midges vs. streamers, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you find the right fly box for your angler, and help you fill it.

  • Spey tubes- A Patient Angler exclusive! Made right here in the shop for keeping your swinging patterns safe and organized.

  • Fleece gloves and beanies- Perfect for winter fishing outings and other cold weather activities. We carry gloves and beanies from brands like Simms and Glacier Glove, as well as products with our own logo!

  • Fishpond, RepYourWater, and Casey Underwood stickers- Customize your vehicle, water bottle, cooler, and beyond with these beautiful decals.

  • Tippet and leader selection- A perishable that any angler can’t live without. We recommend getting a leader and several lighter tippets so your recipient can match and replace as needed (example- a 4x leader with 4x, 5x, and 6x tippet).

  • Simms OTC socks- Wicking and comfortable for long days on the water, no matter the season. Available in midweight and thermal.

  • Fishing Central Oregon book- Newly republished, Fishing Central Oregon is hands down the best book around for learning the ins and outs of the region. Complete with color pictures, maps, and excellent instruction on where to cast a fly in our neck of the woods.

  • NEW Oros strike indicator- Screw on indicators that don’t move, balance on your line, and with no tiny losable parts. They’ve been all the rage this year!

  • Gift Cards (one size fits all!)