RIO VersiTip lines have been a great addition to the tools available for single hand swinging steelhead and trout. The system is adjustable, easy to use, and comes in one great package with few additions necessary. In this article, we’ll walk you through the benefits of this line, its features, and how to use it.

If you’ve ever swung with modern two-handed gear, you’ll probably be familiar with the idea behind the single hand VersiTip. This line features four tips in a wallet- a floater, intermediate, type 3, and type 6, that attach to the end of the line for different swinging situations. You can also add a type 8 sink tip to round out the setup. The tips are all color coded for easy selection and storage. 

The difference here is that the VersiTip line is built for normal single hand overhead casting. Instead of connecting a shooting head to a gripshooter or other type of running line, there's one 85' shooting head platform with a loop on the end for attaching your tips. Simply loop to loop the correct tip on your Versitip main line and you’re good to go. The VersiTip is also time and cost efficient. Having to just switch out tips instead of your whole line is a simple rerig and avoids having to purchase multiple spools to hold various sink tip lines. 

If you can make a normal single hand cast, you’re halfway to mastering the VersiTip! All that’s left is to know how to select the proper tip. Numbers associated with sinking tips (S3 or S6, for example) correspond roughly with how many inches a second the tip will sink. By taking note of the depth of the water you’re fishing and the speed of the current, you can select the correct tip to reach the fish. Generally, you want the sinking tip that will swing your fly as close as possible to the bottom without constantly snagging. We’ve covered sink tip selection in greater detail in our sink tip article here, check it out to dial in your knowledge of these tools before hitting the water.

As mentioned previously, the Rio VersiTip provides sinking tips up to S6 (6-7 inches per second). If the river dictates you must fish deeper, there’s a few options for you. We make custom sink tips from type 8s up to T-17 here at the shop that fit perfectly on a VersiTip and will help you reach the depths during your swing.